Sat., Aug. 13/11 @ 10 am

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For: Name Withheld at Family’s Request.

Location: to be held at Hands Auction Hall

Directions: 3 miles east of Perth on Cty Rd # 10

Collector Car  Auction
1935 Studebaker Dictator.  1952 Commander Studebaker.
c1950’s Hawke Studebaker. 1962 Chevrolet Biscayne.
New Old Stock & Vintage Auto Parts Plus Automobilia.

1935 Studebaker Dictator - Canadian


  • The Original Survivor – 1935 Studebaker Dictator four door sedan (Canadian built) – new tires & tubes, new brakes, all new intake & exhaust valves & springs with all new valve keeps, 51,800 original miles, having the trunk  option plannar suspension, dual wipers & hydraulic brakes, straight 6 engine, signal lights are period correct from Canadian Tires Store, in cab heater.  Sold subject to a low reserve.
  • Studebaker Motor – Rebuilt 6 cylinder, motor cleaned, rebored block & ground, new valve guides & valves, resurfaced block & head, and original receipt available for repair of motor.
  • Studebaker Parts – to include hub, gaskets, 1935 rear axles, front suspension parts, set of 4 doors, headlights, spare tire cover with trim ring, rear springs, exhaust & intake manifolds,  water pumps, carburators, window glass, flywheels, clutch housing & clutch parts, transmissions, tail lights & lenses, door handles, window cranks, head light glass, large quantity of mechanical parts, trunk body panel & trunk lid, Studebaker books (new & old), brake drums, distributor, 1931 Philco transitone radio unit plated for Studebaker, breather, flying goose hood ornaments.
  • 1952 Commander Studebaker. c1950’s Hawke Studebaker.
  • 1962 Chevrolet Biscayne – 4 door hard top sedan, 6 cylinder, 3 speed standard (running)
  • Model “T” Ford – wood & steel spoke wheels, radiators, fenders, doors, engine parts, steering columns, crank handles, engine hoods, windshield frames, car frames, car body, truck box, rear axles, springs, motor block, engine parts, truck box, bumpers, running boards & supports, gas tanks (round, oval & square),  Ruxtel rear axle,  body panels, etc.
  • Model “T” Engine – valves (ground & seated), new piston rings, new clutch bands, re-built generator, starter (needs rebuilt), engine bore is still standard .
  • Model “T” Frame – frame & springs with running board supports sand blasted & painted, 6  Model “T” axle spindle sleeves (to repair worn axles).
  • Model “A” Ford – water pumps, windshield, carburators, hoods, latches, timing gears, throttle rods, wipers (manual), running boar plate, headlights, cowel lamps, radiator & gas caps, Ford wrenches, grease gns, Ford tire iron, etc……
  • Horns – Seiss Model “M”  1905-1914,  bar mount push horn, 3 Klaxon 1908-1910 horns. Electric Autolite Ltd., made in Canada, double trumpet horn (6 volt). Sparton Chime, The Sparks-Withington Co. double trumpet (6 volt). Sparton Bugle triple trumpet horn (6 volt).   22” brass trumpet bulb horn.  Full circle brass trumpet bulb horn. Double brass trumpet bulb horn.  Model “A” Ford horn (working).
  • Auto Parts – car heaters c/w cores, head light mounts, luggage racks.  radiators, hub caps, head lights, horns, hood ornaments, trim names, fuel pumps, quantity spark plugs, quantity gaskets, Nash spotlight mirror, early driving lights, head light lenses, early Chevrolet lights, gas caps, rad caps, fan belts. 1931 Chev Coupe cowl.
  • Signs –   to include Dominion Royal Fan belts. Raybestos fan belts for safety. Weatherhead.
  • Model “T” Gas Gauge Sticks – Marathon Gas & Red Indian Motor Oils from Rideau Garage A. Dudley, Smiths Falls.  Imperial Oil Ltd. Premier Gasoline Polarine Motor Oils & others.
  • Yard Sticks –  Barker Motors Renfrew, Bowers Service Station Fisk Tires B.A. Products, B.A. Thurston Limited Motorcade Auto Parts & Accessories Phone Almonte 155, J. Young, Chaplin & Code, Fourniers, City View, Lee’s Hardware, Russ Ellis, Barber-Ellis, Farmers Mutual Perth, Hope’s Hardware Perth Ontario, D. Hoffman & Son, Ferguson’s Marine, Canadian Tire, 4 James Brothers Perth Ontario (all different), Phelan’s Golden Eagle 1972 calendar, Hughes Motors Sales Perth thermometer.
  • Dinkey Toys – Studebaker 169 Golden Hawk,. Morris 10 CWT van (Capstan Cigarette). 1930 Buick Victoria Coup ST.8 windup & battery.
  • Miscellaneous items –  old tail light lenses, new spray paint gun, Buick Reatta (show room plates, audio tape & wheel cover), valve grind sticks (McQuay, Norris Keys Supply, Canadian Tire Moto Master).1920 Chevrolet wall calendar. Nedow Auto Parts Brockville, Ontario precision crankshaft grinding chart (1930-1950). Quantity of licence plates. 1928 Chrysler “52” instruction book. Ford fuel gauge. Jaxon split rims on Oldsmobile flyer. 29 drawer wooden cabinet. All brass thickness gauges. Studebaker locking gas cap,. 3 – 4X10 car speakers. Keyless Auto Clock Co., rim wind set clock USA. Waltham 8 day car clock. Blue Coral G.M. Accessorie Cobalt glass bottle with paper label – Car Polish. Supertest post card with KIng & Queen.  Brass era Model “T” post card from Quebec. 1931-32 road map of Ontario., 1932 Road map of Eastern Ontario-Quebec-New York and Vermont by Perth Board of Trade. BMC – The Riley – One-Point-Five Operational Manual (hard cover). Antique car coins (Series 2). General Motors Pontiac coin. Old photos of old cars.  Air compressor.

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