Where are we located?
Our home is located just outside of Perth, Ontario. Our mailing address is Box 20006 Perth, ON K7H 3M6 . Phone numbers (613) 267-6027 (Jim & Judy). Fax (613) 267-6931.

What are our hours?
Office hours are from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Sunday, year round.

Who are the people in charge?
Jim and Judy are the Qualified Auctioneers.

What do we auction?
Hands Auction is noted for auctioning estates, collectibles and real estate, but, other items passing through our sales rooms are new and used furniture, vehicles, sporting goods, commercial lots, jewellery, tools of the trade, bankruptcies, liquidations, farm machinery and livestock sales, paintings and specialty sales including charity auctions.

Is buying at Hands Auction very expensive?
Not necessarily. Many people are surprised to learn that buying at auction can be less expensive than buying retail and that one can buy an authentic antique at Hands Auction for less than the price of a modern reproduction.

How do I know what I am buying is authentic?
We use our Knowledge and best judgement to determine authenticity. However, as is widely known, determining authenticity is not an exact science, but a matter of opinion.

How much does it cost to sell at Hands Auction?
A consignment is a group or lot of items entrusted to Hands Auction to be auctioned. Hands Auction collects a commission from the seller (this can be discussed when you call to reserve your space at the auction sale). There are no other charges unless pickup services have been acquired.

To sell estates and/or on-site auctions, Hands Auction first does a complimentary visit to determine commission rate. (this will be discussed with you at that time). In addition, certain expenses which are to be paid by the seller will be discussed and approved. These expenses will be deducted from the sale proceeds. For example, these expenses could include advertising, clerk and cashier.

How much is the seller’s commission?
Hands Auction’s standard commission rate on consignment auctions is 30% of the hammer price. However, on-site auctions vary depending upon the merchandise (could be 15%, 5% and/or 3%).

How do I get an appraisal?
Formal written appraisals (usually for a fee) are not necessary to determine a pre-sale auction estimate. If you are interested in selling something by auction, Hands Auction is pleased to do a complimentary pre-sale visit. For other purposes, a formal written appraisal can be provided for either fair market or insurance values. Fair market value represents what we believe an item would bring at auction. Insurance values reflect what we believe it would cost to replace an item. For more information on our Qualified Appraisal services Contact us through email or phone our main office (613) 267-6027.

How do I consign an item for auction?
If you are interested in selling items through Hands Auction, our staff can help you with every aspect of the process. You will need to deliver your items to Hands Auction Hall or one of our selected auction sites, or, arrange for pickup through our office. We will then disclose the auction date, time and location. Consignment results and cheques are processed and issued within 2 days of the auction. On-site auction results and cheque are issued within 1 hour after the auction.