Frequently Asked Questions ABOUT AUCTION PROCEDURES

Do you have to register to attend an auction?
Seats are not reserved but are available on a first-come basis. We often suggest that you bring a lawnchair to on-site auctions. If you are intending to bid, you will have to register with the cashier, giving your name, address and phone number. You will then be handed a buyer’s number. There is no cost to getting a buyer’s number.

Do I need identification?
In order to register for the first time, you will be asked for your name, address, phone number and driver’s licence, which will be entered into our computerized database. Please note that our auctions are fully computerized. To attend future auctions, once registered, you will be asked for your phone number only.

How do I bid?
Bidding at Hands Auction is very straight forward. Once an item is held up, all you have to do is raise your buyer’s number. You may raise your hand if you wish. The auctioneer may also become aware of your specific bidding technique such as the raise of an eyebrow or the flip of a finger. Do not feel that you have to sit on your hands. Scratching your nose or pulling your ear will only be taken as a bid if this is your mannerism. If no one tops your bid, the auctioneer will close the sale of that particular item. You may at this time hold onto your items at your seat, or, take them to your vehicle, returning to the hall to either make payment or enjoy the remainder of the auction. When you have completed making your purchases you must go to the cashier desk and make payment. Please note that the final purchase price is determined by adding Pst and Gst where applicable. A Buyer’s Premium is added if we are auctioning Real Estate.

Where does the bidding start?
The bidding starts the minute a person in the crowd raises their bidding card or announces so.

What is a Reserve Bid?
A reserve bid is the minimum price agreed upon by the Seller (usually real estate). At Hands Auction, the auctioneer will announce if there is a “confidential” reserve bid. If the reserve bid is met then the real estate is sold. If the bidding reaches close to the reserve bid, the seller, auctioneer and bidder may have a brief recess to discuss the potential sale. If no price has been agreed upon the property is returned to the owner. Reserve bids are rare to none at outdoor & in-hall auction sales.

How does one make an Absentee or Advance Bid?
For those who cannot attend the auction, but previewed the items, pre-registration must be done. A buyer’s number will then be issued to the client and returned to the cashier with the lot number, item description and dollar amount that the client will go. Note: Hands Auction will try to buy the items for you at the lowest possible price (and never exceeding your bid). There is no charge for placing an advance bid. If your bid is successful we will phone you, detailing purchase price and pick up arrangements.

Remember: the advance bid you make only indicates the upper limit which you are prepared to pay. If you are not outbid on the price, chances are you may purchase the item for less than your actual advance bid.