Silent Auction Division

Live auctions are definitely not a thing of the past. Sellers still believe that the best price is achieved at live auction, where high emotions, pressure and competitiveness among buyers lead to higher prices. However, the industry is evolving. Most recently there has become a rise for the need of Private Sales. Hands Auction has found that after a consultation with a potential client, that it may not be in the best interest of the client to conduct a live auction. Why, because the main reason is simply, “wanting privacy”. This is why Hands Auction has created a Private Sales Division for clients who would prefer this bread winning service to disperse of their Real Estate. Why, because Hands Auction is highly regarded as the forerunners of selling Real Estate by auction. We are noted for our scholarship, marketing ability and access to a global network of clients. We work with the Seller to create a hand-tailored strategy to meet their needs. On the occasion that the Private Sales Real Estate Auction does not sell within a matter of weeks or months, the Real Estate is withdrawn from our website and our contract will become null & void. The Seller can then agree to place the property up for Live Auction. And the questions asked of us regarding the selling of the property by live auction are, “What will it sell for? and “Can I set a Reserve bid?” We offer our counseling regarding setting a property value on your Real Estate. And yes, a Reserve Bid can be established by the Seller and Auctioneer. However, discussion of the feasibility of selling property in an Unreserved manner should be addressed. Why, because the live auction process will establish the true market value. Hands Auction feels that the time is now right to expose the much needed alternative of Private Sales, in harmony with a Live Auction, keeping in mind that both methods have and will continue to prove favourable results.