First, we thank you for your interest in our Private Sales Division and look forward to helping you. If you are thinking about consigning your Real Estate to our Private Sales Division, there is no charge for informal consultation visits or our opinions  of value. The process is outlined as follows:

  • First step is to examine your property in person, through photographs and descriptions (including legal surveys). You can begin this process in person, email and/or by phone.
  • If the Private Sale venue is right for you, Jim and/or Trevor will discuss with you how our commission is acquired, price estimates, on-line/fax bid closing date , actual closing date, and, discuss any other questions you might have. We also provide you with a Seller’s Brochure. Once all details have been confirmed, Hands Auction will gather all needed information, advertise the property on our website (including photos & surveys) & in specific newspapers and make contact to those in our specific data base.
  • Once all of the above details have been addressed, then a formalized Real Estate Buyer’s Contract is reviewed and signed. Upon selling the property, we provide and complete an Agreement of Purchase and Sale (available for review).
  • Hands Auction prefers to provide “private showings” not “open house showings” to prospective buyers. We provide all potential buyer’s with a Buyer’s Brochure.

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